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DevOps 4Next Leap

Today’s software delivery teams are finding themselves more relevant to business only when they are able to provide IT backbone to the business applications. Focus is shifting from only providing runtime IT infrastructure to software delivery optimization for accelerating launch of newer features / solutions in an agile manner with shorter lead time, higher quality and sharper business focus. Trident GBS provides following professional services to facilitate adoption of DevOps best practices for Concrete Business Gains. uuu

Agile Practices Consulting for Business Gains

Trident GBS delivers professional consulting services to software delivery teams to adopt / migrate to agile software delivery practices.

Services Include

  • Assessment for Agile Readiness
  • Defining Agile Adoption Roadmap
  • Consulting, Handholding and Mentoring for Pilot Adoption
  • Measurement of Improvement Matrices
  • Scaled up Enterprise wide adoption of Agile Development Process

Trident GBS also has the Certified Professionals for providing training and Agile adoption for enterprise
through Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) by Scaled Agile Academy.

Business Benefits

  • Harness the gains of Agile way of developing software to minimize impact on development
  • Business driven development to align development teams with business and operations
  • Mitigate risks early and regularly
  • Faster learning from experience and early course correction
  • Early and regular stakeholder involvement
  • Institutionalize self-organizing teams

Systems Engineering Process Optimization

Trident GBS provides professional consulting services to teams working on complex systems engineering products and solutions.

Services Include

  • Assessing the Systems engineering process and providing recommendation for best practices adoption
  • Define systems engineering process model which include defining :
  • Benchmarking Systems Engineering goals
  • Concept of operations using DoDAF / MoDAF
  • Reference system architecture & system requirements through Model Based Systems Engineering(MBSE)
  • Defining verifiable systems requirements
  • Model Driven Development (MDD)
  • Model Based System Validation
  • Create systems engineering delivery (DevOps) platform
  • Track, measure and define process improvement models

Business Benefits

  • Streamlined requirements elicitation, definition through DoDAF & MBSE frameworks
  • Identify system gaps early
  • Team collaboration with stakeholders, engineering teams and suppliers for improved requirements and design validation
  • Iterative development and early integrations to mitigate risks
  • Defined processes and guidelines for suppliers
  • DevOps supports accurate and time-boxed handoffs between teams and environments
  • Continuous feedback and adoption of lessons learned in each subsequent iteration

System Integrations Development – One Platform

Trident GBS provides software development services to enable integrations across various solutions used across enterprises. The integrations are developed using the industry standards such as OSLC or adapter driven integration.

The integration services include development of configurable adapters that can be deployed and configured to enact a specific workflow transition / state change across the two participating tools.

The services engagement aims to provide an integrated platform for all the products & solutions that require correlation of data in some form to yield a meaningful business analysis.

Business Gains

  • Enable business data traceability across various business systems
  • Provide collaborative platforms across heterogeneous solutions & teams
  • Data correlation across different solutions for business visibility
  • Enable business process workflow automation across heterogeneous toolsets

Professional Training & Product Implementation Services

Trident GBS provides Product Implementation & Training Services on Software Engineering for Application Development solutions and Analytics.

Services Include

  • Assess usage model and propose deployment architecture and sizing
  • Install and configure the solutions
  • Customize the solutions as per the organizations usage model and processes
  • Define Team Enablement roadmap
  • Conduct Mentoring and Handholding
  • Conduct 30-60-90 day Review and Implement changes
  • Assess capability improvement and define refined adoption roadmap

Business Gains

  • Faster Adoption & Implementation
  • Improved Utilization of resources
  • Improved Delivery
  • Self-reliant Skilled Team
  • Reduced Cost of Technology Ownership
  • Improved Business Resilience
  • Higher ROI

Internet of Things & Mobility

The advent of Internet of Things (IoT) connecting billions of Smart Devices is providing vast amounts of actionable data in real time. Worldwide diverse range of organizations across all industries use this information to create new operating models, bring products to market faster, and develop more efficient business processes.

Orchestrating all the varied aspects in Internet of Things to communicate and work together requires deploying software that enables varied devices to communicate with each other and the system they are part of. Software plays a compelling role in enabling the features and capabilities required to support IoT. Thus for IoT to be commercially viable and conform to its expectations, a convergence of Mobility, Big data and Cloud technologies is essential.

Business Benefits

  • IoT has the potential to transform the way consumers and businesses approach the world by leveraging the scope of the IoT beyond connectivity.
  • Develop new innovative revenue streams
  • Increased return on investments
  • Improved Business Efficiency
  • real-time operational insights while reducing operating costs
  • reduce inventory, time to market and downtime due to maintenance
  • Improve Asset Utilisation - easily locate issues in the assets and run preventive maintenance to improve asset utilization
  • Improved Safety and Security

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